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The Manage Stakeholder Engagement process consists of communicating & working with stakeholders to;

  • Meet their needs / expectations
  • Address issues as they occur
  • Foster appropriate stakeholder engagement in project throughout life cycle

The key benefit of managing the stakeholder engagement is that it allows the PM to;

  • Increase support from stakeholders
  • Decrease resistance from Stakeholders
  • Significantly increasing chance of project success

The ability of Stakeholders to influence the project is typically;

  • Highest during the initial stages
  • Progressively lower as the project progresses

The PM is responsible for engaging & managing stakeholders in a project

  • May call upon the project sponsor as needed

Active management of stakeholder involvement decreases risk of;

  • Project failure to meet goals & objectives

Managing stakeholder engagement typically involves;

  • Engaging stakeholders at appropriate project stages to obtain or confirm;
    • The stakeholder's continued commitment to the success of the project
  • Managing stakeholder expectations through negotiation and communication;
    • Ensuring project goals are achieved
  • Addressing potential concerns that have not yet become issues
    • Anticipating future problems that may be raised by stakeholders
    • Such concerns need to be Identified & discussed asap to assess associated project risk
  • Clarifying & resolving issues that have been identified

Managing stakeholder engagement helps to increase prob. of project success by ensuring;

  • Stakeholders clearly understand the project;
    • Goals
    • Objectives
    • Benefits
    • Risks
  • By ensuring such understanding stakeholders are enabled;
    • To actively support the project
    • To help guide ACTIVITIES & project decisions
  • By anticipating people's reaction to the project;
    • Proactive actions can be taken to;
      • Win support
      • Minimize negative impacts
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Managing stakeholder engagement allows the project manager to significantly increase the chance of project success by;
*  Increasing stakeholder support
*  Decreasing stakeholder resistance
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