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The Plan Stakeholder Management process consists of developing appropriate management strategies to;

  • Effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
  • Based on analysis of their;
    • Needs
    • Interests
    • Potential impact on project success

The key benefit of planning stakeholder management is that it provides;

  • A clear, actionable plan to interact with project stakeholders;
  • To¬† support the project's interests

Planning stakeholder management identifies how the project will affect stakeholders;

  • Which, in turn, allows the project manager to develop various ways to;
    • Effectively engage stakeholders in the project
    • To manage the stakeholder's expectations
    • To ultimately achieve project objectives

Stakeholder management is not about improvement of communications.
Stakeholder management is not about simply managing a team.

Stakeholder management is about;

  • Creation & maintenance of relationships between project team & stakeholders
  • With the aim to satisfy their respective needs & requirements within project boundaries

The output of this is the Stakeholder Management Plan;

  • Contains detailed plans on how effective stakeholder management can be realized

As the project progresses, the Stakeholder register can change;

  • Members of stakeholder community can change
  • Required level of engagement can change

Therefore planning stakeholder management is an iterative process;

  • And should be reviewed regularly by the project manager
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Planning stakeholder mgmt. provides a clear, actionable plan to interact with project stakeholders;
*  To support the project's interests
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