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The Identify Stakeholders process consists of identifying;

  • People  
  • Groups  
  • Organizations

That could impact or be impacted by a project;

  • Decision 
  • Activity
  • Outcome

Stakeholder identification includes analyzing & documenting relevant information regarding stakeholder;

  • Interests     
  • Involvement
  • Interdependencies  
  • Influence
  • Potential impact on project success

A project manager’s time is limited & should be used as efficiently as possible;

  • Enabled to focus on the relationships necessary to ensure project success

Stakeholders should be classified according to their;

  • Interest
  • Influence
  • Involvement in the project

PM must consider the fact that:  Stakeholder affect or influence;

  • May not occur
  • Become evident in later stages of the project or phase

The key benefit of identifying stakeholders is that it allows the project manager to allocate appropriate focus;

  • For each stakeholder
  • Group of stakeholders

Project stakeholders are individuals, groups, organizations;

  • Persons & orgs, such as customers, sponsors, the performing org & public
  • Actively involved in the project,
  • May be pos. or neg. affected ( or perceived so ) by execution or completion of project.
  • May also exert influence over the project and its deliverables
  • May be at different levels within organization or possess different authority levels
  • May be external to the performing organization for the project.

It is critical for project success to identify the stakeholders;

  • Early in the project or phase
  • Identify their level of interest
  • Their individual expectations
  • Their importance & influence

This initial assessment should be reviewed & updated regularly.
Most projects will have a diverse number of stakeholders depending on project;

  • Size   
  • Type    
  • Complexity
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The stakeholder identification process allows a project manager to identify and prioritize focus for each stakeholder or group of stakeholders.          
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