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The Close Procurements process consists of completing each procurement.

The key benefit of closing procurements is that it documents;

  • Agreements
  • Related documentation

For future reference

Close procurements involves administrative activities such as;

  • Finalizing open claims
  • Updating records to reflect final results
  • Archiving such information for future use

Closing procurement is performed for each contract applicable to the project, or project phase;

  • Unresolved claims may be subject to litigation after closure
  • Contract termsĀ  & conditions can prescribe specific conditions for agreement closure

Closing procurements supports the Close Project or Phase process;

  • By ensuring contractual agreements are completed or terminated

Early termination of a contract is a special case of procurement closure;

  • Can result from a mutual agreement by both parties
  • From the default of one party
  • For the buyer's convenience, if provided for in the contract.
    • Buyer may have this right based in terms & conditions
      • Whole or part of the contract
      • At any time
      • For cause or convenience
    • Terms & conditions may likewise dictate the buyer compensate the seller;
      • For the seller's preparations
      • For any completed & accepted work;
        • Related to the terminated part of the contract

The rights & responsibilities of the parties in event of early termination;

  • Contained in termination clause of contract
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Closing procurements officially documents all agreements and related documentation for future reference.          
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