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The Conduct Procurements process consists of;

  • Obtaining seller responses
  • Selecting a seller
  • Awarding a contract

The key benefit of this process is that it provides alignment of;

  • Internal & external stakeholder expectations
  • Through established agreements

During conduct procurements, the project team will;

  • Receive bids & proposals
  • Apply previously defined selection criteria to select one or more sellers
    • Who are qualified to perform the work and acceptable as a seller

With major procurement items;

  • The entire process of requesting & evaluating responses can be repeated
  • A short list of qualified sellers can be established based on preliminary proposal;
    • This allows for a more detailed evaluation to be conducted versus the short list
    • Based on a more specific & comprehensive requirements document

Tools and techniques for conducting procurements;

  • Can be used alone
  • Or in combination with selected sellers
    • For example;  using a weighting system
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The process of conducting procurements aligns Internal & external stakeholder expectations;
*  Through established agreements
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