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The Plan Procurement Management process consists of documenting project procurement decisions;

  • Specification of the approach.
  • Identifying potential sellers.

The key benefit of planning procurements is that it determines whether to acquire outside support (if so;)

  • What to acquire.
  • How to acquire it.
  • How much is needed.
  • When to acquire it.

Plan procurement management identifies the project needs that cannot be accomplished by the project team;

  • The process identifies project needs that;
    • Can best be met.
    • Should be met.
  • By acquiring products, services, or results outside of the organization.
  • When such is acquired outside the organization;
    • Planning to closing procurement processes are performed for each product, service or result.

Planning procurement also includes evaluating potential sellers;

  • Buyer cares ( or not ) to influence or control acquisition decisions.

Planning procurement also includes determining who is responsible for;

  • Obtaining ( or holding ) any relevant permits or professional licenses;
    • May be required by legislation, regulation or organizational policy in execution.

Project Schedule requirements can significantly influence procurement planning strategy.

Decisions made in developing the procurement management plan may likewise influence project schedule;

Planning procurements also includes evaluating the risks involved in each make or buy analysis;

  • Includes reviewing the intended contract type best suited to avoid or mitigate risk.
  • Sometimes risk can be transferred to the seller.
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Plan Procurement Management          
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Procurement Mgmt. Plan          
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Planning procurement determines whether to acquire outside support (if so)
*  What to acquire
*  How to acquire it
*  How much is needed
*  When to acquire it
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