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The Plan Risk Responses process consists of developing options and actions;

  • To enhance opportunities.
  • To reduce threats to project objectives.

Risks include threats & opportunities that can affect project success;

  • Responses are discussed for each;

The key benefit of the Plan Risk Response process is that it;

  • Addresses risks by their priority;
  • Inserting resources and activities, as needed, into;
    • Budget.
    • Schedule.
    • Project management plan.

Planning risk responses is performed after quantitative risk analysis process (if used.)

  • Each risk requires an understanding of the mechanism;
    • By which the risk will be addressed.
  • This is the mechanism used to analyze;
    • If the risk response plan is having the desired effect.
  • This includes the ID and assignment of one person (response owner;)
    • To take responsibility for each agreed-to & funded risk response.

Selecting the optimum risk response from several options is often required;
Risk responses should be;

  • Appropriate for the significance of the risk.
  • Cost effective in meeting the challenge.
  • Realistic in project context.
  • Agreed upon by all parties involved.
  • Owned by a responsible person.
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Planning risk responses addresses risk in order of priority. Planning risk reponses assigns responsibility & allocates resources and activities, as needed, into project scope, schedule and budget.           
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