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The Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis process numerically analyzes;

  • The effect of identified risks on overall project objectives.

Quantitative risk analysis should be repeated, as needed;

  • As part of the control risk process;
  • To determine if overall project risk has been satisfactorily decreased.
  • Trends may indicate the need/amount of focus on appropriate risk management activities.

The key benefit of Performing Quantitative Risk Analysis is that it;

  • Produces quantitative risk information;
    • To support decision making.
    • In order to reduce uncertainty.

Quantitative risk analysis is performed on risks;

  • Prioritized by qualitative risk analysis process;
  • As potentially & substantially, impacting the project's competing demands.
  • Quantitative risk analysis analyses the effect of those risks on project objectives;
    • Used most often to evaluate the aggregate effect of ALL risks affecting the project.
  • Risks may be numerically prioritized to the extent they drive the process

Quantitative risk analysis generally follows the same processes as qualitative risk analysis.

In some cases it may not be possible to perform quantitative risks analysis due to;

  • Lack of sufficient data to develop appropriate models.

A project manager should use expert judgment to determine;

  • Need for;
  • Viability;

Of quantitative risk analysis;

  • Availability of time & budget.
  • The need for qualitative or quantitative statements about risks & impacts;
    • Which method (s) to use on any particular project.
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Quantitative risk analysis further analyzes high priority risks from qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis further reduces total risk uncertainty by adding a firm numerical component to decision making.          
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