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The Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process prioritizes risks;

  • For further analysis.
  • Or further action.

By assessing & combining their;

  • Probability of occurrence.
  • Impact.

Performing qualitative risk analysis is usually a rapid and cost effective means of;

  • Establishing priorities for Plan Risk Responses process.
  • Lays the foundation for quantitative risk analysis, if required.

Qualitative risk analysis is done regularly throughout the project life cycle;

  • As defined in the risk management plan.
  • Can lead directly to forming risk responses or to quantitative risk analysis.

The key benefit of performing qualitative risk analysis is that it enables project managers to;

  • Reduce the level of uncertainty.
  • Focus on high priority risks.

Performing qualitative risk analysis assesses the priority of identified risks using;

  • The risk's relative probability ( likelihood ) of occurrence.
  • The corresponding impact on project objectives if the risks occur.
  • The time frame for response.
  • Organization's risk tolerance associated with the project constraints of; 
    • Cost.
    • Schedule.
    • Scope.
    • Quality.

These risk priority assessments reflect the risk attitude of;

  • The project team.
  • Other stakeholders.

Effective qualitative risk assessment requires;

  • Explicit ID and management of the risk approaches of key participants in qualitative risk analysis.
  • If someone’s approach introduces bias into assessment, it should be ID'd and corrected;
    • Establishing definitions of the levels of probability & impact can reduce the influence of bias.
    • The time criticality of risk related actions may magnify the importance of a risk.
  • Evaluate the quality of data in the risk log to determine & clarify the assessment of the risk.
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Qualitative risk analysis organizes identified risks, thus reducing the level of uncertainty about total risk. Qualitative analysis thereby helps the project team focus on high priority risks.          
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