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The Plan Communications Management process consists of developing an appropriate project communications approach & plan based on;

  • Stakeholder's information needs & requirements.
  • Available organizational assets.

The results of the Plan Communication process should be;

  • Reviewed regularly throughout the project.
  • Revised as needed to ensure continued applicability.

The key benefit of planning communications is that it identifies & documents;

  • The approach to communicate most effectively and efficiently with stakeholders.

Effective communication means that the information is;

  • Provided in the right format.
  • At the right time.
  • To the right audience.
  • With the right impact.

Efficient communication means providing only the information that is needed.

On most projects, communications planning is performed very early: during project management plan development;

  • This allows appropriate resources, such as time & budget, to be allocated to communications activities.
  • Project communications planning is important to the ultimate success of any project.

Inadequate communications planning may lead to problems such as;

  • Delay in message delivery.
  • Communication of info to the wrong audience.
  • Insufficient communications to stakeholders;
    • Misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the message communicated.

While all projects share the need to communicate project information;

  • The information needs & methods of distribution may vary widely.
  • The methods of storage, retrieval & ultimate disposition of the project info;
    • Need to be considered & appropriately documented during this process.

Key considerations to take into account include / not limited to;

  • Who needs what information & who is authorized to access it;
    • When they will need the information.
    • Where that information should be stored.
    • How the information can be retrieved.
    • Whether other factors need to be taken into account;
      • Time Zones.
      • Language barriers.
      • Cross cultural considerations.
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Controlling communications ensures an optimal information flow among all communication participants;
*  At any moment in time
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