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The Control Quality Process consists of monitoring & recording results;

  • Of executing the quality activities, in order to;
    • Assess performance.
    • Recommend necessary changes.

The key benefits of the Control Quality process include;

  • Identifying causes of poor processes or product quality;
    • Recommending and/or taking action to eliminate them.
  • Validating that product deliverables & work meet the requirements;
    • Specified by stakeholders for final acceptance.

Controlling quality uses a set of operational techniques and tasks;

  • To verify that the delivered output will meet the requirements.

Quality assurance should be used during planning & execution phases;

  • To provide confidence that stakeholder requirements will be met.

Quality CONTROL should be used during execution and close phases;

  • To formally demonstrate, with reliable data, customer/sponsor acceptance criteria met.

The PM team may have a working knowledge of the statistical control processes;

  • To evaluate data in the control quality outputs.
  • Good to distinguish the following terms;
    • Prevention (keeping errors out of processes.)
    • Inspection¬† (keeping errors out of hands of the customer.)
    • Attribute sampling (the result conforms or does not conform.)
    • Variables Sampling (the result is rated on a continuous scale measuring degree.)


    • Tolerances (specified range of acceptable results.)
    • Control limits (ID boundaries of common variation in stat. stable process or performance.)
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Process Benefits          
1) Identify causes of poor processes or product quality & recommend / take action to eliminate them.
2) Validate that product deliverables & work meet requirements specified by stakeholders for final acceptance.
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