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The Perform Quality Assurance Process is the process of auditing; 

  • Quality requirements.
  • Quality control measurement results.

To ensure the appropriate usage of;

  • Quality standards.
  • Operational definitions.

Quality assurance is an execution process that uses data created during;

  • Plan quality management.
  • Control quality.

The key benefit of performing quality assurance is that it facilitates;

  • The improvement of process quality.

The quality assurance process implements;

  • A set of planned and systematic acts and processes.
  • Defined within the project's quality management plan.

Quality assurance seeks to build confidence that;

  • A future output.
  • An unfinished output (a work in progress.)

Will be completed in a manner;

  • That meets specific requirements & expectations.

Quality assurance contributes to the state of being certain about quality by;

  • Preventing defects through the planning processes.
  • Inspecting out defects during work in progress implementation.

Prevention & inspection should demonstrate a visible impact on the project;

  • Quality assurance work falls under 'conformance' category in cost of quality.

Quality assurance is often overseen by a department or similar organization;

  • Regardless of unit's title, quality assurance support can be provided to;
    • The project team.
    • The management of the performing organization.
    • The customer or sponsor.
    • Other stakeholders not actively involved in project work.

Quality assurance provides an umbrella for continuous process improvement;

  • An iterative means for improving the quality of all processes.
  • Reduces waste & eliminates activities that do not add value.

This allows processes to operate at increased levels of efficiency & effectiveness.

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Performing quality assurance facilitates the improvement of process quality, primarily via the process improvement plan; a required component of the project mgmt. plan and output of planning quality.          
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