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The Determine Budget Process consists of aggregating the estimated costs of individual activities or work packages;

  • To establish an authorized cost baseline.

The key benefit of the Determine Budget process is that it determines the cost baseline;

A project budget includes all funds authorized to execute the project.

The cost baseline is the approved version of the time-phased project budget;

  • But excludes management reserves.
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Cost Management          
Plan execution          
Determine Budget          
Process Inputs          
Cost Mgmt. Plan          
Scope baseline          
Activity cost estimates          
Basis of estimates          
Project schedule          
Resource calendars          
Risk register          
organizational process assets          
Tools and Techniques          
Cost aggregation          
Reserve analysis          
expert judgment          
Historical relationships          
Funding limit reconciliation          
Process Outputs          
Cost baseline          
Project funding requirements          
Proj. doc. updates          
Process Benefits          
Done to aggregate activity cost estimates up into a total cost baseline. Having a well documented baseline is crucial in order to monitor and control costs.          
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