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The Develop Schedule Process consists of analyzing activity;

  • Sequences
  • Durations
  • Resource requirements
  • Schedule constraints

To create the project schedule model.

The key benefit of the Develop Schedule process is scheduling software tool input of data;

  • Schedule activities, durations, resource availabilities & logical relationships.
  • This generates a schedule model with planned dates for completing activities.

Developing an ACCEPTABLE project schedule is often an iterative process.

  • The model is used to determine planned start & finish dates for activities & milestones;
    • Is based on the accuracy of the inputs.

Establishing an approved project schedule that can serve as a baseline to track progress;

  • Can require the review and revision of;
    • Duration Estimates.
    • Resource Estimates.

Once a schedule is determined, it is common that staff assigned to activities perform a review their assigned activities;

  • Confirm start & finish dates do not conflict with;
    • Resource calendars.
    • Activities assigned in other projects or tasks.

As work progresses, revising & maintaining the project schedule model;

  • Continues throughout the duration of the project.
    • To sustain a realistic schedule.
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Time Management          
Plan execution          
Develop Schedule          
Process Inputs          
Schedule Mgmt. Plan          
Activity list          
Activity attributes          
Proj. Sched. Nw. Diag          
Activity res.requirements          
Resource calendars          
Activity duration estim.          
Proj. Scope Statement          
Risk register          
Project staff assignments          
Resource b-down struct          
enterprise environmental factors          
organizational process assets          
Tools and Techniques          
Sched. Nw. Analysis          
Critical path method          
Crtical chain method          
Resource Opt. Techniques          
Modeling techniques          
Leads and lags          
Schedule compression          
Scheduling tool          
Process Outputs          
Schedule baseline          
Project schedule          
Schedule data          
Project calendars          
Proj. Mgmt. Plan Updates          
Proj. doc. updates          
Process Benefits          
Sequenced and durated activities are entered into powerful scheduling software;
*  Schedule activities, durations, resource availabilities & logical relationships
*  Allows for adjustable model with fluid updates for all planned activity completion dates.
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