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The Define Scope process involves developing a detailed description of the project & product.

The key benefit of the Define Scope process is that it describes boundaries by defining;

  • Collected requirements included in project scope.
  • Collected requirements excluded from project scope.

All of the requirements collected earlier may not be included in the project.

  • Defining scope selects the ones that will be included.
  • Then develops a detailed description of the project, product, service or result.

Preparation of a detailed scope statement is critical to project success.

  • Builds upon deliverables, assumptions & constraints documented in initiation.

Scope is defined & described with greater specificity during planning;

  • As more information about the project becomes known.
  • Existing risks, assumptions & constraints are analyzed, added & updated.

The Define Scope process may be highly iterative.

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Defining the scope transforms collected requirements into a formal scope definition specifying boundaries of which collected requirements are included or excluded from the final definition. Proj. team and stakeholders are clearly informed.          
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