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The Close Project or Phase process is the process of finalizing all project activities across all of the project management process groups.

  • To formally complete the project or phase.

The Close Project or Phase process also establishes procedures for projects terminated prior to completion.

  • To document & investigate the reasons for, and the actions taken.
  • PM needs to engage all proper stakeholders for this to succeed.

This closure process includes all planned activities necessary for administrative closure of project or phase.  This includes step by step methodologies that address;

  • Actions & activities necessary to satisfy completion or exit criteria for project or phase.
  • Actions & activities necessary to transfer results to next phase or to production/operations.
  • Activities needed to collect project or phase records;
    • Audit project success or failure.
    • Gather lessons learned.
    • Archive project info for future use by the organization.

The key benefits of the Close Project or Phase process are that it provides;

  • Lessons learned.
  • The formal ending of project work.
  • The release of organizational resources to pursue new endeavors.

The project manager reviews all information from prior phase closures;

  • To ensure work has been completed.
  • To ensure project has met its objectives.

 The PM reviews the scope baseline.

  • Because scope is measured against the project management plan.
    • To ensure scope has met project management plan requirements.
    • Required to consider the project closed.
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The close process and activities achieve the formalities of closing and ending all project work;
*  Lessons learned
* Release of organizational resources to pursue new endeavors
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