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The Monitor and Control Project Work process; tracks, reviews and reports project progress.

The key benefit of the process is that it allows stakeholders to understand;

  • Current state of the project.
  • The steps taken.
  • Scope, schedule and budget forecasts.

Monitoring is continuous and performed throughout the project.

  • Provides insight into health of project.
  • Identifies areas that require special attention.
    • Collecting, measuring and distributing performance information.
    • Assessing measurements and trends to affect process improvements.

Control focusses on;

  • Determining corrective or preventive actions or re-planning.
  • Follow up on action plans to see if actions taken resolved performance issues.

Monitoring & controlling project work focuses on;

  • Compare actual project performance versus the project management plan.
  • Assess performance to see if corrective or preventive actions are required & action them.
  • Identify new risks.
    • Existing risks: analyze, track & monitor -> Identified, status reported, response plans executed.
  • Keep accurate & timely information base on project products & documentation.
    • Through to the completion of the project.
  • Provide information to support status reporting, progress measurement & forecasting.
  • Provide forecasts to update current cost & schedule information.
  • Monitor implementation of approved changes as they occur.
  • Report appropriate project progress & status to program management.
    • If the project is part of a program.
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Monitor and Control Project Work          
Monitor and Control Project Work          
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Process Benefits          
A holistic view over all phases and knowledge areas allows stakeholders to understand;
*  Current state of the project
*  Steps being taken
*  Scope, schedule & budget forecasts
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