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The Direct and Manage Project Work process is the process of leading & performing the project work to achieve project objectives;

  • The work defined in the project management plan.
  • A review is required on the impact of all proposed change requests.
  • Implementation of approved changes.
    • Corrective action:  Intentional activity to realign work performance with project management plan.
    • Preventive action:  Intentional activity to ensure future work is aligned with project management plan.
    • Defect repair:  Intentional activity to modify non-conforming product or product component.

The project manager and project team direct performance of planned activities & manage technological and organizational interfaces within the project.

  • The PM should also manage any unplanned activities & determine appropriate course of action.

During Execution, work performance data is collected and appropriately actioned and communicated.

  • Work performance data includes information about completion status of deliverables & other relevant details.
  • Work performance data is also used as an input to the monitoring and controlling process.

The key benefit of the Direct and Manage Project Work process is that it provides overall management of project work.
Activities include but are not limited to;

  • Perform activities to accomplish project objectives.
  • Create project deliverables to meet the planned project work.
  • Provide, train & manage the team members assigned to the project.
  • Obtain, manage & use resources including materials, tools, equipment & facilities.
  • Implement the planned methods and standards.
  • Establish & manage project communication channels, both external & internal to the project team.
  • Generate work performance data to facilitate forecasting;
    • Cost
    • Schedule
    • Tech progress 
    • Quality progress  
    • Status
  • Issue change requests and implement approved changes into project; scope, plans & environment.
  • Manage risks & implement risk response activities.
  • Manage sellers & suppliers.
  • Manage stakeholders & their engagement.
  • Collect and document lessons learned.
  • Implement approved process improvement activities.
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One single platform for the overall mgmt. of project work. From here, the project manager coordinates all 47 processes like a symphony conductor orchestrates all symphonic instruments simultaneously.          
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