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The Develop Project Charter process is the process of developing a document that;

  • Formally authorizes the existence of a project.
    • Should be authorized by sponsoring entity.
  • Formally initiates a project when approved.
  • Establishes a partnership between performing and requesting organizations.
    • External projects typically governed by a contract.

A Project Manager is assigned as early as possible and should be involved in creating the project charter.

  • The Project Charter provides the project manager with the authority;
    • To apply organizational resources to project activities.

The key benefits of the Develop Project Charter process are;

  • Establishment of well-defined project start and project boundaries.
  • Creation of a formal record of the project.
  • Direct way for senior management to formally accept & commit to the project.


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Direct way for sr. mgmt. to formally accept, sign & commit to the project;
* Project boundaries and start well defined
* Creation of a formal record of the project
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